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Stefilia’s Stone: The Magic of Larimar Beads

Found only in one place on earth, the Dominican Republic, larimar is as rare as it is breathtaking. Also known as Stefilia’s Stone, the gemstone’s spectacular sea-blue color and rarity has enthralled jewelry-makers and gemologists (people who study gemstones) alike. Of course, there is one other group who appreciates this unique stone for more than its […]
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How to Incorporate Jump Rings into Your Jewelry Designs

As a jewelry maker, you have a wide range of materials literally at your fingertips. From beads and chains to bails, clasps and toggles, there are all sorts of supplies you can use to make any type of jewelry imaginable. One finding that is commonly used in all sorts of projects, though, is the humble […]
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Jewelry Journal: Working with Solar Quartz Beads

Quartz comes in many different forms. If you are looking for a unique type of quartz to use in your jewelry-making projects, solar quartz is an excellent option. These colorless gemstones are formed in limestone caves as a stalactite. They range from transparent to opaque and sometimes are found in different colors due to different […]
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What Are the Different Types of Stone Beads?

Beads come in many different forms. There are the plastic beads commonly used by elementary school students for arts and crafts, glass beads, metal beads, wooden beads, beads made from bone and, of course, stone beads. Stone beads are made from various types of minerals, and they can be found in nearly every color, shape […]
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The Best Places to Sell Handmade Jewelry

Do you love designing unique jewelry for yourself or as gifts for friends and loved ones? If so, you may also enjoy selling your creations for profit. Selling handmade jewelry is a great way to bring in some extra income. Whether you just sell enough to fund your hobby or you turn it into a […]
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Jewelry Journal: Working with Coin Pearls

Freshwater pearls are remarkable gemstones. Unlike all other gems, they are formed inside of living creatures. They come in a vast assortment of colors, sizes and shapes, and since entering the market several decades ago, they have made it much more affordable for an average person to own genuine pearls. The coin pearl is a unique […]
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A Guide to Different Types of Jewelry Chains

When you are making necklaces or bracelets, there are several different types of chains to choose from. In addition to different finishes, there are also varying styles. From hand-wrapped chain, dangling chain and bezeled chain featuring various gemstones to plain metal link chain, the options are virtually limitless. At Beads of Cambay, we stock a wide […]
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Jewelry Journal: Working with Amber Gem Beads

While most gems are formed from minerals, amber is not. In fact, while it is a gem, it isn’t a gemstone at all. Instead, it belongs to a small group of organic gems that form as biological products of nature. Amber is not a crystal or a mineral, but rather a protective tree resin that […]
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How to Determine the Quality of Your Pearl Beads

Pearls are some of the most beautiful and unique gemstones in the world. Unlike other stones that form in the earth, they are formed organically in living creatures. Every type of pearl forms in a specific species of oyster, and each oyster is found in a different part of the world in different climates. Pearls […]
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A Complete Guide to Making Jewelry with Apatite Beads

Naturally occurring in several different colors, apatite is a beautiful stone to use in your jewelry-making projects. While it is most commonly green in color, it can also be brown, yellow, blue, pink, purple or even clear, making it versatile enough to use in virtually any project. Its color and clarity are often so exceptional that the stones are frequently cut as faceted gemstones. Those with beautiful color but less desirable clarity are commonly used as cabochons and beads. […]
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