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Beadsofcambay Blog/

The Expectant Parent’s Guide to Birthstones

 What Does Your Child’s Birthstone Predict About Their Personality? Pregnancy is a very special time for expectant mothers and fathers. The miraculous growth of an entirely new human being continues to mesmerize and evoke feelings of previously unknown depths. Filled with incredible joy and immense anticipation, parents count the weeks leading up to the birth of […]
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Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Black Freshwater Pearls

If the song lyrics are true, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, I hate to break it to you, diamonds, but this girl has a new best friend: the sophisticated freshwater pearl. The classic pearl represents purity and beauty, and there are many styles, shapes, and colors available. You can pop over to the jewelry […]
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Chrysocolla Beads: Beautiful and Affordable Alternative to Turquoise

History Perhaps lesser known to most people than turquoise, chrysocolla has been used for jewelry-making since ancient times. Its name comes from the Greek word chrysos, meaning gold, and kola, meaning glue, a reference to the use of chrysocolla as solder in gold working. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is said to have favored jewelry made with chrysocolla, […]
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All About Azurite Beads – Ancient and Modern Inspiration for Jewelry Making

A range of beautiful deep blues and rich in color, azurite has captured the hearts and eyes of many the world over for millennia. The word azure is derived from the Persian lazhward, an area known for its large amounts of another exceptionally rich blue stone, lapis lazuli. Besides its modern-day circulation and usage among gemstone […]
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Jewelry Designs with Aquamarine Beads

Summer is nearly here, and there is nothing that will get you in the spirit like the ocean tones of aquamarine beads. Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids during ancient times and was used by sailors as a talisman of protection, fearlessness and a little good luck. It is also a stone that is associated with eternal youth and happiness. It is best known for its bluish green ocean color. […]
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Guide to Making Jewelry with Ruby Beads

Ruby beads are a favorite with both jewelry makers and those who wear them. They have been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. As a precious gemstone, they offer connotations of wealth and good fortune, and are often worn by celebrities and royals. They are the perfect stone to dress up any outfit for a special occasion or unique event. […]
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Best Practices for Working with Rondelle Beads

Rondelle beads are used in a wide range of jewelry styles, most commonly as a spacer between contrasting stones. The beads have a rounded cube shape, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles that can be used across a range of designs. As some of the smallest beads available, it is uncommon to find jewelry made only from Rondelle beads, however it isn’t impossible – and they are a necessary addition to every jewelry maker’s growing collection. […]
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Tips and Tricks for Working with Large Hole Pearls and Large Hole Gemstone Beads

Pearls and gemstone beads are popular in women’s fashion and have stood the test of time. It is, therefore, no surprise they are used frequently in DIY projects. Making jewelry can be tricky with the large hole beads, so here are a few tricks on how to do it. 1. Clear Tubing If the hole is too large to stay put, one of the ways to string them together is to use clear tubing. The clear tubing is often sold along with large hole gemstone beads. It fits into the large hole, and you can run metal wiring through it quickly. […]
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Jewelry Making with Turquoise Beads – Inspiration and Design Ideas

Turquoise is perhaps history’s greatest stone. It has been used for hundreds of years across the globe from ancient Egypt, to Iran, to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. It was worn by warriors, shamans, princesses and kings. It is considered a stone of strength and protection due to its smooth surface that is soothing to the touch, while the opaque aqua blue is healing to the beholder. The rich blue-green color is its most recognizable feature, and perhaps what makes it such a beautiful stone to feature in your personal wardrobe. […]
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Can’t Miss Gemstone Trends of 2017

Whether you love gemstones just for their sheer beauty or like wearing gemstone jewelry for their inherent energy and healing power, 2017 promises to be a great year for those who like to accessorize with precious and semi-precious stones. From bohemian to punk right through to space-age and Art-Deco, fashion designers all over the world are […]
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