Websites like Wiki-How and Pinterest have paved the way for the do-it-yourself generation; this is especially true for budget-minded types. They are all about creating their own lotions, scrubs, candles, hair products, jewelry – the list goes on and on. Why should consumers pay a bunch of money for something that they could learn to do, especially when quality supplies are a fraction of the cost?

With YouTube videos, step-by-step bloggers, and a variety of social networking platforms, how-to hacks are everywhere. The latest trend is to be an individual and let your own personality shine through your creations. Honestly, people like what they like, and even that evolves as the years pass. It’s never been easier to share ideas across the Internet, take someone else’s idea and improve upon it or personalize it, and re-share it with the world. Here are some hot jewelry ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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This year’s only true fashion trend is you. When it comes to do-it-yourself jewelry it’s all about bringing your own style and flair to the pieces. No matter what how-to video you’re watching, or which how-to hack you’re reading about, make sure you stamp every fashion item you create with your own personality and individuality. And, of course, have fun, too!

Do you have any DIY jewelry favorites that you don’t see on the list? C’mon, share them with the rest of us!