guide making jewelry with apatite beads

Naturally occurring in several different colors, apatite is a beautiful stone to use in your jewelry-making projects. While it is most commonly green in color, it can also be brown, yellow, blue, pink, purple or even clear, making it versatile enough to use in virtually any project. Its color and clarity are often so exceptional that the stones are frequently cut as faceted gemstones. Those with beautiful color but less desirable clarity are commonly used as cabochons and beads.

Apatite beads come in numerous colors, sizes, shapes, etc., and they are an excellent way to dress up your jewelry designs. Whether you are looking for something a bit more natural looking like rough-cut stones or you want the shine and luster of a faceted gemstone, Beads of Cambay has apatite beads for every project and taste.

Not quite sure how to incorporate this beautiful stone into your jewelry-making designs? Keep reading to learn a bit more about apatite and how to use it in your next project.

What Is Apatite?

Let’s start with the basics. The term “apatite” refers to a group of phosphate minerals that share similar physical properties and chemical compositions. These minerals are a vital component of phosphorite, which is a rock that is mined to make acids, fertilizers and chemicals.

Apatite consists of three separate minerals. It is calcium phosphate combined with chlorine, hydroxyl or fluorine. All three minerals are typically found in each specimen, but some contain only one or two. These minerals are the cause of the stone’s various colors and shades. Varying amounts of each mineral contribute to the many colors in which apatite can form. Most of the apatite available today is fluorapatite. Chlorapatite and hydroxylapatite are extremely rare.

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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, it scores a 5. This puts it right in the middle of the scale and means that it is roughly as hard as a piece of glass or a knife blade. Apatite is hard enough to withstand occasional wear, but it may be susceptible to scratches. It can also be quite brittle. Therefore, jewelry made using this stone should be individually wrapped while in storage to prevent damage. Rough handling should also be avoided, and it should not be worn in situations in which damage is likely to occur.

Apatite forms naturally in a wide range of conditions, and it can be found in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. The most significant deposits, however, are located in sedimentary rocks formed in lacustrine and marine environments. Apatite may also occur as well-formed hexagonal crystals in pegmatite pockets and hydrothermal veins. These stones tend to have bright, vivid colors and offer exceptional clarity, making them ideal for use as gemstones. The value of the cut gemstones often significantly exceeds the value of rough stones.

History of Apatite

Believe it or not, apatite is a mineral that is found in the bones and teeth of all vertebrate animals. It was first named, however, in 1786. German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner based the name for the mineral on the Greek word “apate,” which means “to deceive.” This name was chosen because apatite can “deceive” the viewer into thinking it is a more valuable stone like olivine, tourmaline, topaz, peridot or beryl.

Where Apatite Is Found

Apatite is a commonly occurring mineral that is found in many places around the world. Most notably, it is mined in Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, India, Norway, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Mexico, South Africa, Canada and the United States. This mineral is not solely found on Earth, though. Moon rocks brought back to the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s by Apollo astronauts were also found to contain traces of the mineral. You could say that apatite is one stone that is truly out of this world!

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Metaphysical Properties and Benefits of Apatite

Apatite is renowned for its metaphysical and inspirational properties. While not proven, there are many widely believed conceptions about the benefits of wearing the stone. It is regarded as a stone of manifestation and it promotes a humanitarian attitude. It is believed to balance the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies and the chakras. It is thought that apatite stimulates under-activity and eliminates over-activity, and when used with other crystals, it helps facilitate results.

While all varieties of apatite have metaphysical properties and offer numerous benefits, blue, green and yellow specimens are most commonly used for metaphysical purposes.

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is a widely regarded as a spiritual stone that cleanses the aura. It is thought that the stone clears away confusion and stimulates the mind to improve knowledge and truth. This stone is closely associated with the throat chakra and may be used to improve public speaking and enhance communication in groups. It can also be used with the third eye chakra to possibly improve memory skills and concentration.

This beautiful stone supports creativity and helps awaken the inner self. It is sometimes used as an interface point between matter and consciousness. Some think that when worn or carried, it can even help suppress hunger.

As a healing stone, blue apatite is thought to help heal bones and teeth. It is also said to repair cartilage and aid in the treatment of arthritis, joint problems, rickets and motor skills. It may also be used to ease headaches, dizziness and vertigo. It has been described to have an uplifting, inspiring energy that encourages a positive outlook and can help ease anger and sorrow. Blue apatite may also promote social ease and can reduce irritability and feelings of emotional exhaustion.

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As a spiritual stone, it is thought that apatite can help expand one’s awareness of past-life experiences and attracts “blue beings” of supernal regions. It may also stimulate clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Blue apatite beads come in numerous shades, shapes and sizes, all of which can be used to make jewelry that is based for metaphysical purposes.

Green Apatite

Known as the “Earth Healer Stone,” green apatite is a dual-action stone that helps you use your personal power to achieve your goals. It eliminates confusion and negativity and stimulates intellect to enhance wisdom and knowledge. A connection crystal of the heart, it communicates the emotion of the heart with the wisdom of the balance to balance one with the other. It also facilitates the flow of energy on the physical plane and is commonly used as a stone of abundance and for financial and spiritual manifestation.

Green apatite improves hand-eye coordination and can reduce clumsiness. It is also a great stone for healers because it helps the practitioner maintain a clear, positive energy field. Because it is thought to stimulate the heart, it is beneficial when used by those who are recovering from heart attack, heart surgery or any other type of heart-related problem. It is thought to help reduce hypertension and is associated with healthy eating.

As an emotional healer, this stone has an uplifting energy that carries vitality and is extremely beneficial following extended illnesses, emotional trauma or adversity. It helps stimulate renewed courage and hope. It can help ease heartbreak and help you recover and move on following the end of a relationship.

Green apatite beads range from light yellow-green to darker sea-green hues. At Beads of Cambay, our selection includes rough-cut chips, rondelle beads, faceted teardrop beads and more.

Yellow Apatite

Also known as gold or golden apatite, yellow apatite provides sunny, spiritual energy to the aura. It inspires a passion for life and hope while instilling a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth. It aids both men and women in developing assertiveness and finding the courage to take risks. It is also associated with learning and improves one’s capacity to store and process new information. This is especially true when the information will help one manifest his or her dreams or desires.

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Yellow apatite fights against apathy and listlessness and creates a livelier and more sociable attitude. It can help you be more optimistic and outgoing and increase your drive and motivation for getting things done. It can give you the courage to take risks and, perhaps more importantly, the clarity to understand which risks are truly worth taking.

As a healing stone, yellow apatite helps balance the appetite and encourage healthy eating. It boosts metabolism and the endocrine system and can help one lose weight. It may also enhance the positive effects of physical exercise. It is said  to eliminate toxins from the body, improve digestion and energize the gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and liver. It can also aid in the treatment of lethargy, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Some people find that it helps them overcome problems with inefficient learning and lack of concentration.

Emotionally, this stone can instill feelings of optimism and hope while releasing blockages that may limit your ability to accept prosperity or abundance. It can also help one overcome a fear of success. It heals negative thought patterns and enables you to work toward your goals with confidence and clarity.

Best Uses for Apatite

Whether you want to experience the stone’s remarkable metaphysical properties or you just like the way it looks, making jewelry with apatite is a good way to use the stone. Because it is closely associated with the throat and heart chakras (depending on which color you use), it works especially well when worn as a necklace. Use a short chain if you want it to be worn to stimulate the throat chakra or a longer one for stimulating the heart chakra. Of course, you can use apatite to create any type of jewelry you desire, including bracelets, rings, earrings, head chains, etc. Keep in mind, though, that because the stone can be quite brittle, it may be damaged easily when worn, for example, as a ring during manual labor.

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Because it enhances the power of other stones, apatite is commonly used to make jewelry featuring combinations of gemstones. When paired with black onyx, it is thought to keep you grounded and centered. It is also thought to protect you from negative psychic attacks and prevent you from being influenced by the negative opinions of others.

When designing jewelry to wear when getting over a heartbreak or when trying to find a new romantic relationship, try pairing apatite with rose quartz. This combination is thought to enhance love vibrations in your life and can help you attract unconditional love. It is also said that it provides you with a greater ability to give this type of love.

Want to learn new skills and improve your existing talents? Try creating jewelry using both apatite and rhodonite. To strengthen psychic gifts, pair it with vanadinite. Clear quartz is also a great stone to combine with apatite because the pairing increases the amount of insightful guidance you receive while enhancing your own wisdom.

Using multiple gemstones in your jewelry-making efforts also enables you to create designs that are uniquely your own. Pairing a small apatite stone with a larger, harder stone like quartz also allows you to create stunning, eye-catching pieces that are less fragile than those made with large, delicate apatite crystals.

Caring for Apatite Jewelry

As previously mentioned, apatite can be quite brittle. It can also be scratched easily. To keep it safe from accidental damage, each piece should be stored individually wrapped when it is not being worn. Rings should be made with protective settings, and they should only be worn occasionally.

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Apatite is sensitive to heat, acid and shock, and it should be cleaned only using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid sonic or mechanical cleaning systems, and only use mild soap as opposed to a jewelry cleaning solution. When you are finished, dry carefully using a soft cloth. Then, let sit on a clean towel to ensure that all moisture has been removed prior to storing.

Perfumes, hairsprays, etc. should always be applied before apatite jewelry is put on. This helps protect the jewelry from the acids contained in these products. Avoid wearing it if you will be sweating heavily.


Apatite is a beautiful stone that comes in many colors and looks amazing when worn as jewelry. It has a huge range of metaphysical properties, and it has been prized for many years. When making jewelry with this relatively soft stone, take care to ensure that it is set in a way that will minimize damage. Also, be mindful when wearing and storing it to avoid scratches.