Making beautiful jewelry is a lot of fun and a great way to express your inner fabulousness, but it can get expensive. Many crafters have discovered wholesale beads—high-quality beads sold in bulk at a low price—to help them get their craft on.

jewels spread on black reflective surface

More Choices

Wholesale bead vendors offer a larger variety of beads than most retailers. Crafters looking to make unique pieces or searching for a specific gem won’t find it in their local store, so wholesale beads are a great option.

Shopping in bulk gives you a chance to buy mixed packs of quality beads. This means the seller creates the packet for you and then sells them to you at one affordable price. Stunning, colorful gems mixed together can spark some great jewelry-making ideas the next time you’re in your studio. Create some new color combinations and play with the balance of sizes in a whole new way by letting your vendor choose your gems and keep you in stock for months.

Of course, single gems can also be purchased wholesale if you prefer to keep specific hues in stock. Be ready for the next season and all the trends on the horizon by making sure you have lots of colors, textures, and shapes for your work.


Buying wholesale beads is convenient. You can purchase all your supplies in one location and get to work crafting sooner! Don’t make your customers wait for a great new round of pieces to try this season. Keep your shelves full of beads for future projects, so you don’t have to wait for gem orders to come in each month. Be ready for the year and keep yourself working and creating with the help of wholesale beads.

Crafting with Your Beads

If you are new to crafting with beads, try one of these more basic projects you will love once they’re completed:

  • Beaded Linen Twine Bookmark

This beaded bookmark is a fun and easy way to try out bead crafting and end up with a lovely gift or accessory for your favorite book. Ordering vía wholesale will give you a chance to make several of these for your close friends, family, or members of your book club.

jewelry designer choosing gem beads

  • Pearl and Burlap Napkin Rings

Burlap ribbons are another low-cost resource that goes beautifully with your latest order of cheap beads. This project pairs the soft with the scratchy and lets you show off your ingenuity for your next dinner party. These burlap napkin rings are also a fun activity to do at the party itself, as these come together very quickly. Call up your crafting friends and tell them to bring their beads because this is a ton of fun!

  • Beaded Spider

The top of that dresser or side table needs a little something—so add a beaded spider! This black and red piece is a fun accessory for a room. Make one for your desk at work or at home, to add to your favorite reading space or to dress up a shelf. This one requires a nimble pair of fingers to make the legs of this beautiful bug.

  • Metal and Thread Mash Up Bracelets

This is a list of variations on a fun idea—take a bracelet chain and combine it with colorful embroidery thread. Inspired by an overpriced, Brazilian bracelet, the writers at Crochet Dynamite found cost-effective ways to make a “designer look.” They walk you through how to make the most of these two basic elements. The result is a nice play on texture and is very affordable to create.

  • Whimsical Necklace

The crafters over at Between the Lines want to help you combine materials with this fun piece that hides some big, chunky beads inside a printed fabric. Not quite a necklace and not quite a scarf, this piece looks best if you can find an interesting piece of fabric to use. Look through old clothes, former costumes, or thrift stores to make use of the most varied prints.

Ready for something more difficult? Check out some of these advanced projects and make some fabulous stuff:

  • Cecile’s Wheel Necklace

This Cecile’s Wheel pattern looks intimidating, but don’t let that stop you. Order a big set of same-size, same-color beads, take a deep breath, and then go for it. The finished result is incredibly beautiful and will look anything but cheap. Wait until you tell your friends you made this necklace—they’ll be begging for one of their own.

handmade bead crafting accessories

  • Beaded Chain Belt and Bracelet

Get some wholesale chains, along with a set of colorful beads, to make this fun, two-piece chain and bracelet set. Pair this belt with your favorite pair of jeans, wrap it around a light skirt, or layer it on top of a tunic. Slide the bracelet on to make it look expensive. No one will guess you got it anywhere but the department store.

  • Springtime Gypsy Earrings

A chandelier earring base sets off this fun and sparkly look for your next pair of earrings. Make these gypsy earrings out of lots of colors to let everyone know you’re a traveler with a wealth of songs in your heart. These look great with an off-the-shoulder top or with a scarf in your hair. Feel free to mix bead colors and sizes and really make the most out of your wholesale purchase.