Jewelry is part of the fashion world, which means there are many trends that come and go, as well as those classic jewels and color combos that will never go out of style. While you have the creative range to wear or create your own looks and designs, it does help to know the jewelry that’s currently trending. That way, you can find the perfect balance between what is stylish and what complements your individual style.

This is especially true when you make jewelry to sell. Obviously, it is to your benefit to stay on top of the latest trends and the popular styles that everyone is wearing. After all, the more you sell, the more you make!

But, whether you simply want to stay ahead of the fashion curve, you want to design your own unique accessories, or your goal is to sell, we have the perfect list for you! Below are the hottest trends in the jewelry industry. 

Black and White

Do black and white ever really go out of style? During the past few fashion seasons, monochrome wardrobes (those that are all one color from head to toe) have rocked the fashion world. Ensembles in either all white or all black instantly create a sleek, sophisticated look. Plus, they do wonders for lengthening your limbs.

So, what does this have to do with jewelry? For this year, we’ve noticed a trend we can definitely get on board with: finding ways to combine both black and white in your accessories. When working with beading, this is relatively easy to do, but why not experiment and look for different ways to work with a black and white color scale?

If you like creating jewelry from metals, look for hues such as silver and white gold to add a nice pop of contrast against black beads. Also, consider the effect of Art Deco-inspired jewels and stones that will nicely complement a black/white necklace or bracelet.


Over the past year, fashion has given a nod to the best aspects of 90s fashion, and the necklace staple that ruled the decade—chokers—are no exception! They first started to appear last year and are in no way slowing down. From simple velvet straps to ones with large focal point beads, such as gems and fossils, we can’t get enough of this trend.

For those who love to make their jewelry and are constantly looking for new trends to try, good news! Chokers are super easy to make. So much so, that you’ll easily be able to create an entire collection whether you intend to sell them or wear them on your own!


Layering is a super easy way to make a statement. When one layers jewelry properly, this creates an eye-popping look without overpowering your outfit. This isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s held its own in the spotlight for some time now. For those who like to accessorize, this will become your go-to look!   

What’s great about layering is that you pretty much have free rein to do what you want, but we’ll give you some pointers. When you layer necklaces, focus on length. If you layer three that are all the same length, it will be hard to see the stones, charms, or pendants of each. Instead, try to descend in length—from shortest chain to longest—as this will give a nice layering effect.

For that extra pop, layer gold and rose gold necklaces together. Perhaps you are attracted to the look of copper or bronze and silver; stackable rings, necklaces, or bracelets look great when these colors are piled together.


Just as mainstays of the 90s are having their moment, this year we have also seen a major throwback to the 80s. Asymmetrical earrings were once all the rage, and it appears the trend is on its way back. 

This time around, the asymmetrical trend has a polished, more minimalistic appearance. Take your pick from different studs, such as a moon in one ear and a star in the other. Or, if you want to really channel the decade, try a hoop in one ear and a stud in the other, or a dangle earring with a stud on the other side.

This was a way for the youth of the 80s to let their individuality show through. Perhaps, this time, keep the jewelry smaller and within the same color group, such as silver with silver or rose gold with rose gold.