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Beadsofcambay Blog/

Your Guide to Gold Vermeil: How to Make the Most of Your Jewels

Of all the elements, gold has always been most the coveted. Gold represents power and prestige and is the standard against which wealth is often measured. Men have fought wars, set out to explore the world and even left their homes and families behind in the search for this elusive metal. Gold vermeil (pronounced vur-may) […]
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What Is a Tsavorite Garnet?

If you’re contemplating green gemstones, one rare but beautiful alternative to an emerald is a Tsavorite garnet. Showing a brighter, more luminous green than a typical emerald, Tsavorite garnets are often paired with diamonds and set in white gold, displaying the clarity and purity of these green gemstones to their best advantage. Tsavorite garnet is one […]
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Our Favorite DIY Seashell Jewelry Making Tips and Tricks

Summer is around the corner, so if you are heading to the beach, you may be on the lookout for seashells to add into your collection. Seashells are beautiful materials to work with when jewelry making, and they provide some gorgeous natural patterns and colors to your designs. To get the best out of your […]
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Ignite Your Inner Fashionista with a Mexican Fire Opal Statement Piece

If you are looking for a glamorous addition to your accessories wardrobe, you can’t go past the dazzling color and gorgeous shine of the Mexican fire opal. This alluring stone makes for striking statement jewelry and can help to add some fire to your style. To help you learn how to use Mexican fire opals […]
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Why We Love Larimar Beads

The blue-hued Larimar bead is distinct and beautiful, making for an elegant addition to any jewelry piece. Larimar originated in the Dominican Republic and was discovered first in the early 1900s, but was then rediscovered nearly 50 years ago when it began to be mined. It’s a gorgeous and unique gemstone that can be molded into […]
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Passion for Purple: A Guide to Wearing Plum Sapphire Beads & Gems

Plum sapphires are for true lovers of the rainbow’s most magical shade. It’s a bold and lovely color that manages to capture everyone’s attention with a whisper as opposed to a shout. For artisans who want to take their creations to the next level, it’s an essential gem to have in your workshop. If you’ve never […]
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How to Create Classic Jewelry Pieces with Gold Beads

Gold beads are a classic addition to any jewelry-making project and can be achieved with any level of jewelry making ability. They add dimension, shine, and a professional look to any piece, no matter if it’s a simple set of gold earrings or a masterpiece statement necklace. Get Inspired So, what to make? The conundrum of gold […]
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Why We Love Green Onyx

Since prehistoric times, many people have used green onyx for traditional cultural and spiritual activities. Onyx’s birth begins with the legend of Eros, the Greek God of sexuality, who is sometimes depicted as Cupid. The story says Eros clipped his fingernails and let them fall to the ground, where they were turned into onyx by […]
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How to Restore and Repurpose Stone Beads

Stone beads make delightful and eye-catching pieces of jewelry, but they are not immune to damage. Without the proper care, stone beads can lose their luster and look dull and uninviting, and even the hardest gemstones can become damaged. Of course, proper bead care is the best way to ensure your stone beads stay looking their […]
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Crafting on a Budget: The Benefits of Wholesale Beads

Making beautiful jewelry is a lot of fun and a great way to express your inner fabulousness, but it can get expensive. Many crafters have discovered wholesale beads—high-quality beads sold in bulk at a low price—to help them get their craft on. […]
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