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Passion for Purple: A Guide to Wearing Plum Sapphire Beads & Gems

Plum sapphires are for true lovers of the rainbow’s most magical shade. It’s a bold and lovely color that manages to capture everyone’s attention with a whisper as opposed to a shout. For artisans who want to take their creations to the next level, it’s an essential gem to have in your workshop. If you’ve never […]
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How to Create Classic Jewelry Pieces with Gold Beads

Gold beads are a classic addition to any jewelry-making project and can be achieved with any level of jewelry making ability. They add dimension, shine, and a professional look to any piece, no matter if it’s a simple set of gold earrings or a masterpiece statement necklace. Get Inspired So, what to make? The conundrum of gold […]
By |April 2nd, 2018|Beads 101, Do It Yourself, Styles, What's Trending|0 Comments

Why We Love Green Onyx

Since prehistoric times, many people have used green onyx for traditional cultural and spiritual activities. Onyx’s birth begins with the legend of Eros, the Greek God of sexuality, who is sometimes depicted as Cupid. The story says Eros clipped his fingernails and let them fall to the ground, where they were turned into onyx by […]
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How to Restore and Repurpose Stone Beads

Stone beads make delightful and eye-catching pieces of jewelry, but they are not immune to damage. Without the proper care, stone beads can lose their luster and look dull and uninviting, and even the hardest gemstones can become damaged. Of course, proper bead care is the best way to ensure your stone beads stay looking their […]
By |March 28th, 2018|Beads 101, Do It Yourself, Jewelry Maintenance|0 Comments

Crafting on a Budget: The Benefits of Wholesale Beads

Making beautiful jewelry is a lot of fun and a great way to express your inner fabulousness, but it can get expensive. Many crafters have discovered wholesale beads—high-quality beads sold in bulk at a low price—to help them get their craft on. […]
By |March 24th, 2018|Buying Guide, Do It Yourself|0 Comments

Gems 101: Understanding Different Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, her engagement ring had top billing. The reports in the media described Ms. Markle’s beautiful ring as a cushion-cut diamond bracketed by oval diamonds. When gemstones are described, the cut and the shape are often muddled together in this way. However, cut and shape are two […]
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Timeless Keshi Pearls Work for Every Occasion

Is there anything more elegant, more classic, than the soft luminescent glow of a pearl? Pearls have been a mainstay with jewelry designers for good reason. They are perfect for any occasion, and pair well with almost any gemstone or metal fitting. But, unlike many other gemstones, the shade and luster of pearls make them ideal […]
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Incorporate Labradorite Beads into Your 2018 Attire

Traveling to Labrador during the winter months is one good way to see the northern lights. Another option is by gazing into the illuminated facets of the fantastic gemstone, labradorite. Labradorite is a unique, dark-hued stone with an interesting backstory. It has been referred to over the years as “fire stone,” “fire rock,” “magic stone,” and […]
By |March 14th, 2018|Styles, What's Trending|0 Comments

All You Need to Know About Rose Gold Beads

If you’re looking to update your jewelry color palette this year, consider adding a touch of rose gold. As a color, rose gold is more popular than ever. It’s been showcased in designer gowns and even in accessories as varied as Birkenstock sandals, Michael Kors sunglasses, and Apple’s latest iPhone. The unique glow of rose gold […]
By |March 9th, 2018|Beads 101, Styles|0 Comments

Colorful Amethyst Beads Can Bead-Dazzle Boring Clothing

Trying to find a way to jazz up your wardrobe? Are you crazy about the color purple? Is amethyst your birthstone? […]
By |March 4th, 2018|Buying Guide, Styles|0 Comments