Premium Beads is the premier distributor of jewelry making beads and jewelry supplies. Whether you require quality beads for your own jewelry design or wholesale beads for resale, our numerous gemstone beads and freshwater pearl beads are sure to suit your sense of style. Our Sapphire beads and Ruby beads are particularly popular in our Precious Beads inventory for a classic appeal. Our large selection of precious and semiprecious gemstone beads combined with our large variety of styles in focal beads , bezel set beads , leafed beads and hammer faceted beads are sure to capture your imagination. We manufacture metal beads , jewelry findings, charms, and chain by the foot to create that one of a kind look for your jewelry design! You won't find superior jewelry supplies anywhere else.

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How to Spruce Up Your Jewelry with Faceted Beads

Want to add some punch to your jewelry designs? Faceted beads are the way to go! Whether you prefer glass, plastic, or natural stones, you are likely to find what you love in a faceted cut. Faceting changes the shape of just about any type of bead and creates a sparkling effect that makes even inexpensive materials shine in the light like high-quality gemstones. […]
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A Guide to Caring for Your Copper Beads

Copper beads add a touch of beauty and sophistication to any type of jewelry. Over time, though, copper tends to lose its vibrant shine and take on its own patina. The patina can be quite beautiful and adds to the appeal of many pieces, but it can also reach a point where it starts turning your skin an unusual shade of green. […]
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How to Buy Wholesale Gemstones on a Budget

Whether you need quality gemstones for your own jewelry designs or for resale, you must have a wholesale gemstones source. You already know that handcrafted jewelry is a profitable but competitive market. Your competitive edge depends on creating unique designs from high-quality gemstones you source at an affordable cost. Buy from the Original Source It takes expertise, […]
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5 Unique Qualities of Solar Quartz & Why It’s So Beloved

Otherwise known as the prosperity or energy stone, solar quartz stones are loved for their range of colors — from vibrant tones to colorless, white or gray, there’s something to suit every personality. Formed in limestone caves, solar quartz is a stalactite formation that is found in a number of locations around the world, yet it […]
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The Best Jewelry Settings for Kite-Shaped Focal Beads

Admirers of your jewelry need to have their collective gaze fall on one detail so they can appreciate the design as a whole. This is why jewelers reach for focal beads, the heart of each piece. Why do so many of them choose the kite shape for this object of beauty? Simple: These stones are […]
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Your Guide to Gold Vermeil: How to Make the Most of Your Jewels

Of all the elements, gold has always been most the coveted. Gold represents power and prestige and is the standard against which wealth is often measured. Men have fought wars, set out to explore the world and even left their homes and families behind in the search for this elusive metal. Gold vermeil (pronounced vur-may) […]
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What Is a Tsavorite Garnet?

If you’re contemplating green gemstones, one rare but beautiful alternative to an emerald is a Tsavorite garnet. Showing a brighter, more luminous green than a typical emerald, Tsavorite garnets are often paired with diamonds and set in white gold, displaying the clarity and purity of these green gemstones to their best advantage. Tsavorite garnet is one […]
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Our Favorite DIY Seashell Jewelry Making Tips and Tricks

Summer is around the corner, so if you are heading to the beach, you may be on the lookout for seashells to add into your collection. Seashells are beautiful materials to work with when jewelry making, and they provide some gorgeous natural patterns and colors to your designs. To get the best out of your […]
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Ignite Your Inner Fashionista with a Mexican Fire Opal Statement Piece

If you are looking for a glamorous addition to your accessories wardrobe, you can’t go past the dazzling color and gorgeous shine of the Mexican fire opal. This alluring stone makes for striking statement jewelry and can help to add some fire to your style. To help you learn how to use Mexican fire opals […]
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Why We Love Larimar Beads

The blue-hued Larimar bead is distinct and beautiful, making for an elegant addition to any jewelry piece. Larimar originated in the Dominican Republic and was discovered first in the early 1900s, but was then rediscovered nearly 50 years ago when it began to be mined. It’s a gorgeous and unique gemstone that can be molded into […]
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